*Math Lab Changes Lives!*
Classroom Expectations

Math Lab Students are expected to be... Respectful & Responsible Respectful, responsible students are successful. Following those two rules will help you be successful anywhere in school and in life. East Middle School Students follow a school wide discipline plan. Click the icon below to see the full classroom rules.

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Math Lab Students are graded on...

KHAN ACADEMY (computer program)
Quizzes (you can use your notes!)
Reflex Math (Math Facts)
Projects (Class Participation)
Progress Monitoring Booklets
IXL (Grade Level Math Standards)

If you are not happy with your grade, come see me and you can fix it. If you put out effort in Math Lab, you will be successful.

Missing Work

Math Lab students are expected to be learning math from as soon you walk in the door until I dismiss you. All of our activities and lessons are completed in class, therefore if you miss a class, it is your responsibility to make up what you missed.

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